IATA Airport Ramp Services

IATA Airport Ramp Services

About Course

The objective of this IATA course is to familiarize learners with the many tasks that take place pre-flight, and provide them with the foundation knowledge and skills on the processes that need to be followed by ramp agent in order to service a parked aircraft. These services include all the functions required to help move passengers, cargo and baggage on board. In addition, airport ramp services personnel may perform the final walk around of the aircraft to check that all doors are closed and all is well. They work closely with the pilot of the aircraft to start the aircraft engines safely, communicating with a headset link or with hand signals. They help “push back” the aircraft from the parking position before the engines start running fully, a task referred to as marshalling the aircraft. Moreover, the course content has been enriched with numerous illustrations in order to a support learning and knowledge retention

What you will learn

  • The ground operations working environment
  • Standard ramp operations terminology
  • The departments of an airport and how they work together
  • Basic safety and security for efficient operations to be followed by ramp agent
  • Procedures for key aircraft ground servicing tasks
  • IATA Airport Handling Manual and IATA Ground Operations Manual standards

Who should attend

  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career with an airline or ground service provider and looking for ramp agent jobs
  • Recently recruited airline, airport and ground handling staff 


  • Proficiency in English and 18 years or above age


  • IATA Certificate


  • 30 hours/2 Months