IATA Foundation in Travel and Tourism

Foundation in Travel & Tourism

Acquire essential knowledge and skills to work in the travel and tourism industry and become an effective travel professional with this IATA Course.

IATA Passenger Ground Services

Passenger Ground Services‚Äč

The objective of this IATA course is to provide aspiring Passenger Ground Services Agents (PGSAs) with the basic skills and knowledge of the position 

Airport Ramp Services

The objective of this IATA course is to familiarize learners with the many tasks that take place pre-flight, and provide them with the foundation knowledge and skills on the processes that need to be followed by ground staff in order to service a parked aircraft 

Ground Operations Management

Ground Operations Management

This IATA course has incorporated a number of recommended practices as outlined in the Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and in sections of the Integrated Airline Management System (Integrated AMS) 

IATA Airport Operations

Airport Operations

This IATA course was prepared to provide participants with a solid overview of the airport operations field and with tools to apply their knowledge and skills to their airport.